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Sukhayu Bhava

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sukhayubhava CISTRA

Allergic rhinorrhoea

Seasonal cold & cough

Chronic sinusitis

Allergic bronchitis

Stop running nose without chocking


Over the years the word antibiotic has become more of a deterrent than a cure. Side effects and healthy apprehensions have become a norm and a feared fact. CISTRA is here to change all this. It is a herbal antibiotic with natural healing powers to cure all infections effectively and without any harmful side effects. 

Germs are everywhere even few of them take shelter in our bodies, such as the friendly bacteria that colonize the linings of the intestines, upper respiratory tract, and lower urinary system, out-competing bad microbes, contributing to immune defence and good digestion. Other microbes – viruses, bacteria, parasites – wreak havoc when they invade our bodies.

Fortunately, a number of herbs have antimicrobial effects and they can be found even at the local grocery store. Many of these herbs are culinary herbs and spices, such as garlic, ginger, thyme, and cinnamon. Herbs don’t act as quickly or as potently as pharmaceutical drugs. By keeping all the points, Sukhayubhava Ayurveda’s specialists have formulated such a combination, which embraces and protect you against all microbial attacks and infections.

  • Chirayata
  • Giloya
  • Vasa
  • Mulethi
  • Sonth
  • Tulsi
  • Chitrak
  • Haritki
  • Godanti Bhasam

Cistra is a powerfull combination to deal with all kinds of microbial attacks.

High grade fever Body ache Myalgia
Feelings of chills Cold and cough  Sneezing
Rhinorrhea Sore throat Loss of appetite
Nausea Vomiting Association of diarrhea , dysentery

Age 8- 12 yrs  : single capsule in a day

Age 13+ yrs  : 1 capsule twice a day after food.

Should be taken under medical supervision

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