Shri Basant Swaroop Saxena

Sukhayubhava Mentor

It is extremely rare in human form when we come across an individual who actually lives and exemplifies the true conduct of the bliss called human life. There are sparks, flairs, and glimpses in many but to see the entire constellation of radiance and happiness in full bloom in one entity and feel blessed every moment is simply an experience worth cherishing and enriching in more than one lifetime.

Shri Basant Swaroop Saxena is one such name who has been quietly and sincerely connecting millions with the true blessings of life in infinite ways. He is no preacher, he is no soothsayer, he is an individual in harmony with his being: in sync with the universe around all of us. Hailing from a zamindar family, Shri Swaroop got enlightened towards the real purpose of his life in the early years of prime youth.

Over the decades, he has successfully ignited the emergence of a community that understands the power of self and the significance of focusing on inner happiness by conditioning our mind and body through meditation, yoga, Ayurvedic lifestyle and healthy routine.

His persona is studded with triple Masters’ degree in Economics, Hindi and Political Science. To add to his academic laurels, he is a Shastri in Sanskrit, Sahityalankar, Sahityaratna, Ayurvedratna, Yogacharya and Bachelor’s in Education. It should not surprise anyone that he is a retired Principal of Govt. Inter College and the Founder Director of two Medical Colleges and many Para Medical Institutes in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

His holistic approach to enrich student’s life by blending yogic teachings to enhance IQ levels and integrating the mind has led thousands of seekers to follow his teachings and paths faithfully and joyously. Testimonials are infinite; examples are galactic. His beliefs in knowledge and Adyathma Shakti has inspired hundreds of magical victories in lives connected with his spiritual and humane entity.

His spiritual legacy has earned him membership of International Yoga Centre Bengaluru and International Yoga University of Munger, Bihar.

Dr. Garima Saxena, MD Sukhayubhava Ayurveda, has proudly inherited his healing light and under his watchful tutelage, Sukhayubhava is already spreading heartfelt happiness by blessing everyone the boon of natural health in multiple avtaars.


Dr. Garima Saxena

Managing Director at Sukhayubhava


When a caring friend becomes the healing touch and helps us understand our own health needs credibly and wonderfully, life transforms into a beautiful blessing. Dr. Garima Saxena is a live embodiment of this definition. Being a qualified ayurvedic physician is just a halo that empowers Dr. Garima as a humane professional who has the ability to connect with the inner being of every seeker of natural health.

What makes Dr. Garima your ideal health and holistic guide is her spiritual family background studded with inherent training for yogareiki healing, spiritual healing, and energy healing under spiritual guru and mentor of Sukhayubhava Ayurveda.

Over the years, Dr. Garima has carved a niche for herself where MIND, BODY, AND SOUL connects with Ayurvedic Life to offer you good health just the way it should be. On the qualification mantle, there is everything that convinces you that Dr. Garima Saxena is your pathway to ancient Indian Living. Along with Ayurveda she has integrated yoga, reiki healing, spiritual healing techniques into her practice. In her soul endeavor to offer physical, psychological and spiritual health to her seekers, she has potent degrees in psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, and past life regression therapy.

Dr. Garima is dedicated towards service to society. with the sole aim of providing HOLISTIC HEALTH (physical, psychological and spiritual) to everyone and spread happiness and smile all around.

“Take charge of your life.  Live Happy, Healthy and Wise, by healing Mind, Body, and Soul… SUKHAYUBHAVA


Mr. Raj Kumar Mehta

Chief Executive Officer at Sukhayubhava

It is often said and cited unless you experience the need for a life-changing moment you do not break the boundaries disruptively.

Mr. Raj easily qualifies in this category and is by far one of the most credible and believable examples. Being a marketing go-getter with a defining attitude, Mr. Raj brings to Sukhayubhava the fresh wave of innovative thinking, daring strategies and a marketing mind full of insight and foresight. Over the years he has honed his marketing skills in FMCG and real estate segments. After empowering many to build dream homes, Raj heeded to the call of the inner self.

The aura and mystic radiance of Ayurveda connected with the seeking spirit and he has gifted the mission of his life. BECOME THE CATALYST FOR A HEALTHY LIFE FOR EVERYONE AROUND US. Like a true seeker, Raj has taken to Ayurveda like fish to water.

The Sukhayubhava banner is in very capable hands and already the market is opening up for real blessings for a happy life. The out of the box marketing attitude of the brand decoded by Mr. Raj is already redefining few conventions meritoriously.

Mr. Raj is also at the helm of Sukhayubhava networking foray with enterprising advantages. The entire platform has been carefully developed to inspire dreamers like never before. Efforts have been made to ensure the Sukhayubhava Networking Model is real and living and refreshing as our dreams and ideas.